Aquarius constellation Zodiac Paper cut Greetings Card, for astronomers, star gazers and horoscope followers


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This papercut card brings you the constellation of Aquarius, the different magnitudes of the stars represented by differing shapes and sizes.

It is cut in a matte midnight blue 65lb card with a contrasting opalescent liner which glistens in the light. It measures 7″ wide by 5″ high The detail lines are inscribed with a lovely white pen that seems to glow..

Eleven exoplanet systems have been found in Aquarius as of 2013.

Because of its position away from the galactic plane, the majority of deep-sky objects in Aquarius are galaxies, globular clusters, and planetary nebulae.
Aquarius contains three deep sky objects that are in the Messier catalog: the globular clusters Messier 2, Messier 72, and the open cluster Messier 73.
Two well-known planetary nebulae are also located in Aquarius: the Saturn Nebula (NGC 7009), to the eastwest of μ Aquarii; and the famous Helix Nebula (NGC 7293), southwest of δ Aquarii.

It comes with a neutral envelope and is protected with a snugly fitting clear bag to keep your card safe and clean…


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