About Adrian

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I’m English and I’m Canadian, I speak with a clipped accent and a large amount of sarcasm, I read too much, swear too much and I knit too much.   I have a passing knowledge of Astrophysics, Middle Egyptian, Landscape design and bread making, I drink tea constantly and leave half drunk cold cups all over my workroom.

My hair is silvering, my beard is gingery and my eyes are green – the rest is subject to change…

All my life I have been a maker, creating things from basic materials give me a tremendous joy and release, I enjoy the challenge that making things provides. If I see something creative that I like, I wonder if I could make it myself, it makes me a terrible customer for other creatives, but it does mean I try lots of new things.

When I was seven I was given a copy of the Tale of the One way Street.  It was illustrated by the great Polish papercut artist Jan Pienkowskihas  – they so inspired me that I started to copy his and them make my own, thirty odd years later I’m still at it because for years I made my own seasonal greetings cards and sent them to friends and family for a number of years eventually, after stupidly posting them on Facecbook, I started to get orders…

The rest is history.

 Adrian lives in Paradise, Nova Scotia with his partner, two children, two cats, black Labrador, a flock of weird chickens and a one legged Muscovy duck.


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