I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…

Throughout June I will be donating all the proceeds from the sales of this card to the SickKids Foundation

Some of you may already be aware that this month (June 2016) I am cycling for SickKids Foundation, raising money to fight childhood cancer. Read more here.

Now, this is the bit in a blog post where the author tells an emotive personal story that illustrates why they are involved with that particular charity or cause and in now way do I mean to belittle those stories.  The truth is that, yes, like many people reading this my life has been touched by cancer, I have family members who have fought (and won) against breast and cervical cancer, my beloved aunt died at 65 from bowel cancer, I had a cancerous (thankfully benign) tumor removed many years ago.  But, unlike so many other people, I have never had to sit and watch someone I love waste away and die, I have never lost a child to cancer and after becoming a father at 42, I can assure you the thought of losing my beautiful boys terrifies me.

So I signed up because I love to ride my bike, I wish I did it more often and spending the month of June riding to raise money is partly for my own health and partly to raise money and awareness.

My pledged target is a mere $500 and thanks to the generosity of many, I currently stand at $385. So here is how you can help and even though I am well aware of the demands on our wallets for donations, I would still like you to seriously consider it;

Tomorrow, Thursday 16th June is Kick Cancers Butt day.  On this day, SickKids Foundation Board member Jake has pledged to match every single donation, dollar for dollar. His son William was diagnosed with Wilms tumor when he was just 3 years old so he understands what these brave kids and their families go through as they fight this terrible disease. He is a long-time supporter of SickKids and truly believes in our work to live in a cancer-free world.

So tomorrow, I would like you to consider going to my linky >> Great Cycle Challenge page <<linky and donating just $1.  Ignore the suggested amounts and scroll down a little and type in $1.

That’s how we can help, one dollar at a time, because I believe that while grand gestures are great for Bill Gates, we mortals, with bills and dependents and lives to lead, we are mighty together and those $1’s add up to a hell of a lot of help to the fight to end childhood cancer.

And while you are doing that tomorrow, I will be upping my ride and cycling a minimum of 25kms to prove that I am just as committed to this as you are, track my ride updates on that page and if I beat my target, I will keep upping it through month of June.  Together, lets help kick cancers butt!

Have a beautiful week



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