Gilt by Association.

IMG_5347Over the last few weeks I have been clearing out my studio, tidying, recycling and generally mucking out.  And this weekend I remembered that I had a roll of heat reactive gold foil!!

I must have had it tucked away for a couple of years, a gift that I was never able to use, but I liked the idea of it and what it could be used for.  So pack rat that I am, stored it away and it slipped from memory.

Some may recall that I recently bought a colour laser printer so I could branch out into sticker making.  The machine I bought is the Xerox Phaser which has the capacity to print on card stock with a front loading manual feed.  Well, this weekend I found the foil that I had so carefully stored away.

The theory goes that, you can print an image using toner, place foil over it and run it through a laminator. Pretty great idea if you have in your possession a laser printer and a laminator.  Well as it happens I bought a laminator a few years ago to encapsulate my paper cut bookmarks and now I have the laser printer.

So guess what I did today after finishing up my chores !!  IMG_5350
Its a tricky process, the foil is so fine and light, it curls, and is a bugger to keep flat, so I ended up using a little scotch tape to keep it in place.  Passing it through the laminator was a nervewracking process, I was convince it would jam up the insides, but it passed through cleanly and once I removed the tape and excess foil I could breathe again.

But my goodness, how it shines!

I love a good knitting pun and have wanted to make this card for the longest time, but because I wanted it to have a nice gilt crown replacement above the text, never did.   Now I can and to see it in the flesh is a joy, it has that lovely ancient oxidised mercury look that you see in old mirrors.

And as legend says.  Keep calm and carry yarn.  I’m going to look at more colours, I hear there is a holographic one….

Have a beautiful week.

Lets run away to London

Lets run away

A long time ago, in another life, I lived in London.
It was an adventure that I could have only ever done in my early twenties, because some reckless adventures are only ever meant for the young, but my goodness what a roller-coaster adventure it was.  I learned after a time, that while I love London and all the amazing, exciting and beautiful things it has to offer, life there was not for me and I moved away on another adventure.

However, there are few cities that still thrill me like London and last summer, when we took our sons to the UK to meet their UK family, we rounded off our trip with a  few days in London.

Our hotel in Lambeth had a sweeping view over the Thames and every night we watched Westminster Palace glow gold in the setting sun. We walked everywhere we could and took the tube when we had to, we ate, drank, saw the sights and soaked in every experience those few days would allow, I will never forget sitting on the embankment with my family looking at Westminster or walking around the National Gallery explaining to my sons why Turner makes me weepy.

Little red phonebox

Life is an scary adventure, but if we are lucky, we get to experience amazing things and share them with the people who enrich our lives.

I love the idea of running away, the positive kind that is, the idea of upping sticks, packing away and going on adventure.  I guess that’s why I live in Canada now, a kind of running away, a safe adventure.  But, right here, in this moment, I couldn’t be more content.   I live a life I could never have dreamed about when I was a twenty year old on an adventure in London.  Twenty six years later, I have a fantastic husband and amazing kids, I work for myself in a beautiful part of Canada (the view from my office window is lush and verdant), the dog at my feet is adoring and snoring, and life -as they say – is sweet.

But still, lets run away and have an adventure…

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